Walter Reissman Explains Why Learning the Kabala is Essential for Spiritual Health

Walter Yitzchak Reissman

August 1, 2021

Walter Reissman Explains Why Learning the Kabala is Essential for Spiritual Health

Walter Reissman is a successful business person but also a profoundly spiritual individual. He has devoted himself to Kabbalah and believes it is a powerful way to connect spiritual elements to the real world. He recently discussed his connection to this ancient and modern tradition and how it helps him get in more vital touch with his spiritual side as a person.

Why Walter Reissman Studies Kabbalah

The Jewish belief system is a fascinating and complex field that often provides many unique benefits to those who practice it. For example, Walter Reissman has used the concept of Kabbalah as a guiding force throughout much of his life. This concept is very complex and is part of a vast school of thought that helps to define a specific tradition originating in the Jewish faith.

For example, those who follow Kabbalah (Kabbalists) have unique books from which they draw their teachings. These books are part of the general Jewish tradition and Hebrew Bible. However, Kabbalists follow these books over all others, including the Zohar. This book was published many hundreds of years ago and provides guidelines and benefits for people who follow the Jewish faith.

Without going into too much depth (for Kabbalah is quite complex), Walter Reissman and other believers use this concept to define the relationship between God (and eternal and never-changing force) and the finite universe that He created. The relationship of man within this tradition is also essential, mainly as it helps to discuss various common faith systems.

And while the Kabbalah tradition is vast and with many schools, it all centers on mystical elements within the Bible, including supernatural entities, and how they serve as an intermediary between God and the world. Thus, for example, stories like Adam and Eve are discussed not just as exciting parables but as in-depth stories that teach lessons for Jewish individuals and the world around them.

What does Walter Reissman get out of Kabbalah and its engaging study? A peace of mind that helps him understand the world around him more fluently. The mystical and spiritual lessons that it imparts fuel his success and make it easier for him to focus on his family, religious studies, and helps open him up to more complex spiritual elements that he may otherwise feel uncomfortable discussing.

And even if many elements of Kabbalah study are pretty ancient and may seem to have little connection to modern reality, Reissman believes that these old and traditional lessons create a deeper understanding and relationship with his Jewish identity. Just as importantly, it connects him with millennial-old concepts that unite his people and provide strong spiritual support for tough times. And the world around us is challenging indeed, which is why he strongly suggests people from all walks of life consider learning more about Kabbalah.