Walter Reissman Explains Goal Mapping: The Secret of Successful People

Walter Yitzchak Reissman

November 4, 2021

Walter Reissman Explains Goal Mapping: The Secret of Successful People

A lot of Walter Reissman clients need a mindset change just as much – or perhaps even more – than financial advice. He tells those clients who need a little extra hand-holding: “Source (God) has enough money; there is a sufficient amount of money in the world for you to get what you need. If you look at it with small-mindedness, you can get stuck and not have too many solutions”.

The Importance of Goal Setting

That’s not to say that it is not important to budget our expenses or that we should spend more than our means, but we need to prioritize our goals.

Walter Reissman says that when you have a goal, you will figure out a way to accomplish it and be successful. Whatever it is that you want, whether it is to own more investment property or be able to give $10,000 to a favorite charitable cause, you should set a goal and it will absolutely motivate you. This is the secret of successful people.

Walter Reissman says that humans tend to become complacent and live in their comfort zones. They just want to make enough money to pay their bills, but when unexpected bills or expenses pop up, they are lost. If someone establishes clear goals, they will accomplish more, and not be caught off guard.

Setting a Destination

Walter Reissman knows you aren’t likely to get where you are going if you don’t know where it is you want to get to. A goal is like setting a destination before you begin a journey. If you don’t have a destination, how will you know when you’ve arrived? Or how to get there?

One mistake many people make is setting abstract goals. For example, you can say I want to go to Florida. This is abstract, and anywhere in Florida would meet the goal. However, if you say, I want to go to Panama Beach, you know exactly where you are going and how to reach it.

Instead of saying I want to be able to retire comfortably, say I want to have $1 million in retirement savings when I retire.

One Step at a Time

Once you know your goal, it’s time to set smaller goals or steps. If your goal is to retire with $1 million, figure out how much you’ll need to save each year, or month, to make it happen.

Create milestones that let you know you are on the right path and working towards your ultimate goal. These function similarly to road markers on your way to Panama City. They tell you that you aren’t there yet, but you are getting there.

Walter Reissman

Walter Reissman has 30 years of experience on Wall Street, investing and trading. He has founded several businesses, which earned him the title “serial entrepreneur”. He’s the creator of the Reissman Method, which has led many clients to success.

What Can Goal Mapping Do For You?

Wondering how Walter Reissman‘s goal mapping system can benefit you? Here’s a letter from someone who recently tried this method.

Hello Isaac, I am MORE THAN stoked. Fired up! Our meeting gave me a surge of energy, motivation and excitement!! Combined with a little fear of the unknown. I trust that if I put in the work and follow your lead, good outcomes will come about. Thank you so much for the goal mapping sheets.

As I embrace this new chapter in my life I feel confident, motivated, blessed and most of all grateful for your time and guidance.