Walter Reissman Discusses Financial Planning Steps for 2021

Walter Yitzchak Reissman

July 22, 2021

Walter Reissman Discusses Financial Planning Steps for 2021

Walter Reissman has given high-quality financial advice to many people over the years, working to make their lives more enjoyable and their finances stable. For instance, he recently gave a talk on the importance of financial investment in 2021. And much of his advice is the kind of thing that is good to consider in any year, showing how timeless financial assets genuinely are today.

How Walter Reissman Plans to Invest in 2021

With over 30 years of experience in his field, Walter Reissman is a professional who you can trust to provide the long-term and meaningful advice that will boost your financial situation. One of the biggest goals that he suggests for 2021 is to consider giving your money a life of its own by paying attention to short-, mid-, and long-term goals for the year. Doing so can help to keep you pushing forward.

For example, try to find investments (various commodities and cryptocurrencies may be a good option) that should convert in six months to five years. This type of investment is brilliant because it has a high possibility for expansion in a short period. However, long-term investments (more than 10 years) are also substantial, such as various bonds and trust funds set up for your family.

Trust funds and other tax efficient products, such as 529 Savings plan and other growth opportunities will be vital in 2021, Walter Reissman says, because a growing number of people are having a hard time sending their children to college. With prices going up and student debt becoming almost unbearable, trust funds built up over the life of your child may grow to the point where they can handle a surprising amount of college costs and minimize debt.

And 2021 is a great year to start investing towards retirement, particularly in a personal 401 (k). This option is an excellent choice for freelancers or those who work outside the ordinary business world. Many different financial institutions offer this option. Try to set aside at least 10% of your income every year into one of these accounts to help it grow exponentially over time.

Just how much can this type of investment help? Walter Reissman states that $10,000 out of a $100,000 salary will quickly grow. For example, if you work 30 years and save $10,000 every year, that’s $300,000 in your 401 (k). And the interest rates and other factors on that account will push that well over half a million dollars or more, making your retirement much easier to handle.

A few markets that he sees growing this year include the green energy sector and digital assets, as well as more traditional oil & gas, the medical invention sector, and others related to environmental agendas. The potential dangers of various ecological problems have helped push this sector quite high lately, and he anticipates that it will stay vital for the foreseeable future for many different investors.